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Zena Vollenberg-Jenkins
Translation Angels was founded by me, Zena Vollenberg-Jenkins, in 2004. Offering a quality freelance translation service was the next logical step in my career, which had always involved international business communication in several languages.

I was born in Great Britain and lived, studied and worked there until 1992. My passion for foreign languages and for the English language was obvious from early on in my life and in 1988, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts (Double Honours) degree in German, French and Linguistics (including a translation module) from the University of East Anglia. After working for international companies in export sales and marketing positions for a number of years, I worked in the tourism sector for three years, travelling through various European countries. In 1996, I settled in the Netherlands and started working just over the border in Germany.

I soon mastered the Dutch language, obtaining the highest score in the country for the Writing section of the Dutch as a Second Language examination.

I worked for my German employer for 8.5 years, again adding to the experience already gained in international business.

In each position I have held, my knowledge and experience has been put to good use in order to optimise the company's communicative power. In 2004, I decided to become a freelance translator and since then I have worked on very varied assignments for a range of clients. Throughout, my passion for languages and the enjoyment of a challenge have been the driving force.

Professional Memberships

I am a member of the Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators and of SENSE (Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands.