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Translation Angels was founded by me, Zena Vollenberg-Jenkins, in 2004 and provides quality translations into English from Dutch and German.

Why a professional translator? And why choose a native speaker?

The Dutch as a nation are well known for their linguistic skills, particularly in English. But translations should never be left to someone who is "quite good at English", at least not if you want to make a professional impression. We have all been confronted at some stage with an instruction leaflet for a new appliance which was clearly translated by someone for whom English was not the mother tongue. Such translations clearly demonstrate how a message, when entrusted to the wrong hands, can become clumsy, scrambled or just plain incorrect.

The advantages of using a professional translator

There is much more to translation than generally meets the eye. A translated text should be easy to read and contain no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, but that is the basic minimum. A professional translator can ensure that your message is conveyed in a flowing style, that the language used is appropriate to the audience for which it is intended and that the text does not sound like a translation.

Please feel free to find out more about what Translation Angels can do for you by browsing this website. Please contact me for a no-obligation quotation, or for any other information you may require. I will be happy to help!